jen zervas

Raised in the Deep South during the 70's. Born to a true-blue flower child who never brought home anything brand new. Always projects. Always potential in rebirth.

During the summers, my grandmother was heavily addicted to every kind of flea market and antique hole in the wall along the I-10 corridor. I happily traveled with her on her journeys and was officially a junior picker from that time on.

Years later, in college, I began bringing home my own projects, either from the occasional curbside gem or resale shop. It truly never occurred to me to furnish my pad any other way. 

Chicago is a town brimming with many European cultures. I have spent almost two decades scouring this great city and beyond to procure a "Parisian brothel / Renaissance-come-lately" collection of artifacts. My ensemble in bricks and mortar form is called Pandora's Box ~ Domestic Eclectic. And now for all the world to see, it will grow into Jen Zervas Decor. Anything you ever find here will be nothing short of unique- curved and sexy in its appeal.

Stay tuned, my darlings, the best is yet to come...